We’ve all heard it before. Change is constant. Cliché but true. And the very nature of change is complex. It is a delicate combination of forces that come together to bring about transformations.

A spot in a butterfly’s wing. The greying of the hair. The shedding of leaves.

From the minuscule to the most elaborate – change is present.

To change is to adapt. It is brought about by need. A need so powerful that even the entire universe cannot escape from. A need that has caused the evolution of single-celled organisms to complex beings. A need that caused a moth to change its color. A need that continuously expands the universe.

As humans, we hardly notice change happening around us. Everyday we wake up and go about our day in a routine. But in every nanosecond from the beginning to the end of a day, change is behind every single action that moves us.

But whether we notice it or otherwise is irrelevant. Change happens and all we have to do is accept.


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