Failure is part of life. It is one of the many things that enable us to learn and grow. It is a wonderful teacher in that it gives us first-hand experience of where we went wrong and how we can fix that wrong so that we do not do it again.

I’ve had many encounters with failure. Whether it be in love, career, family, or just life in general. More recently, I set a target that I was not able to achieve. See, setting targets give you a clear goal. A vision of yourself and where you want to be. These targets give you direction and purpose, so that conscious effort is directed towards achieving your goal. However, as much as I did not wish it to be, I failed.

I have to admit it was hurtful. I hate failing. And, as expected, my initial reaction was denial. It is very hard to accept failure.  It always is. But the optimist in me would always try to see things from another perspective.

Sure, I was hurt. It took me a while to move on even if a lot of people were consoling me and telling me that everything will eventually be OK. I thank these people and I am happy that I am surrounded by them because the simple “it will to be OK” from them gives me a push to keep going. But see, I don’t move on easily although that’s what I project to the world. I need to acknowledge my feelings. If I’m happy, I will be happy and if I’m sad, I’m going to be sad. I need to allow myself to wallow in these feelings so that I can experience them before I can move away from them.

Failure gives me that opportunity. It allows me to experience sadness, anger, bitterness, denial so that I can deal with them better. It jolts me back to reality and shows me that there are a lot of people who care about me and how I feel. It gives me so much negativity that I can focus and turn into something positive. It tells me never to give up and try again.

Failure is important. It keeps me on my toes so that I do not take life for granted. It is a reminder that not everything in life will go my way, and that I will have to keep working and improving myself to get what I want and be where I want to be. It scars me with important life lessons that I take with me wherever we go. It hurts me so bad so that I do not want to experience the same pain ever again.

Failure can be a positive thing. It just depends on how we look at it. (^_^)v


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