Measure of success

OK, real talk. Answer me this: how do you measure success?

Is it in the number of zeros in your bank account? Or your title at work? Is it in the number of boxes you’ve ticked in your list of finely curated life goals? What is it exactly that makes one successful?

I ask myself the question and find that I have a very different opinion about success. While others may judge success based on stature or money or achievements, I measure my success based on my satisfaction on the life I am living.

True, I save up and aspire to be in a better standing in society. But this is just to prepare myself for when I finally hang up my gloves and stop my fights in the corporate world. I do not do these things so others can come up to me and tell me how successful I’ve become because I have a specific title or wear a suit. I do these so that someday I can sit back, relax, put my feet up, and have a cup of tea while watching the sunset without a worry in the world.

For me success is measured by how much I have lived my life. Success is when I am able to look back ten or fifteen years ago and be amazed at how a young man didn’t drown on the tide that consisted of nine-to-fives and overtime and meetings. It is about how I am able to leave my footprint around the world – exploring, getting lost, finding my way, learning about different cultures, tasting the world menu! It is when I am able to share my blessings and enable others to stand on their own. It is about knowing that I am able to balance my life between work and leisure. It is about not having a routine that I have to stick to every single day. That I can be spontaneous and do things when I want to.

Success for me is more about growing as a person. A holistic person. Someone who could not care less about people’s opinion on where one should be at a certain age. Up yours, people. I want to be able to look back each time and smile and see that I have changed not only myself but also the people around me – even just a single one. 🙂


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